Lorenzo, aka Slatex Lorenzo, is a 5-year-old red male born January 8, 2012. His sire Flying Hydrogen and his dam is Slatex Disco. He has 115 races on record from 2013 to 2015. His career ended with an injury and he is being medically evaluated.

Lorenzo is not cat or small dog tolerant at this time.


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Lorenzo came to us as a very timid greyhound. In the few months we've fostered him, he has opened up to a quiet loving boy. He is very happy to greet you when you arrive home. He prefers the company of at least one other greyhound and currently lives in a foster home with four other sighthounds who he gets along with well.

He loves the yard and chasing squirrels with his foster buddies. And enjoys to sun outside for short periods. Lorenzo is great on a leash. He walks easily and does not mark on his walks. He probably is one of my favorite hounds to walk do to his easy nature. He is quiet inside and prefers to nap a large part of the time. He is very curious about the sounds and smells coming from the kitchen so often times he is beside me as I cook.

Lorenzo has a great appetite and will probably do very well with positive reinforcement training using treats. He's very intelligent and learns quickly. He knows his name well and will do best in a home where the owner wants to spend time with him. Lorenzo is a diamond in the rough and will go on to do great things with the right attentive owner.

Due to his shyness, Lorenzo will do best in a quiet home with adults and at least one other greyhound. Because he is a bit reserved, placing him in a home with a more dominant grey should work out fine as he needs a canine coach. He gets along with both males and female greys.

Everyone that has met Lorenzo loves him. His eyes will make you melt and he so wants to please you. Lorenzo is ready for adoption so if you are looking for a quiet, loving grey as your companion, Lorenzo is your guy!

Lorenzo's Foster Family

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