Logan is a striking 4½-year-old fawn male, born May 1999. Logan's registration number in his other ear is illegible due to it being encrusted with green dye in an attempt to double tattoo him. Logan, along with Rocky, comes to GALT from Ft. Worth Animal Control. Logan and Rocky were part of a group of 5 dogs that were found running loose in the Ft. Worth area. The three others are greyhound mixes that are definitely part Borzoi or Wolfhound, as they have very wiry coats. Logan is slightly shy, but warms up quickly to humans. Logan is cat and small animal tolerant.

Logan is a very easy foster to care for since he arrived in our home in early February. He is smart and has been learning the rules of the house quickly. Logan is living with a male greyhound, and there have not been any "accidents" in the house. He has a lot of energy, is very interested in food and the outdoors, and is also entertained with squeaky toys and chew bones. He enjoys being around people, but is not an attention hog. Did I mention he is very soft? His coat is like rabbit fur - no kidding!

Logan's Foster Mom
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