Lily is a beautiful 2½-year-old red and white female born May 2002. Lily came to GALT as a release from an individual; she is double tattooed so her history is unknown. Lily is small and quite a sweet girl, with a subtle shyness about her. It is not known at this time if Lily is small animal or cat tolerant.

My name is Lily and I belong to this nice group called GALT that helps greyhounds like me find a really nice home where we can stay forever. I got a nice bath and some medicine when I got here, then I went to Dr. Ellis's to get spayed. Yesterday a nice lady picked me up and took me to her house. She said she is my new foster mom and I am going to stay with her for a while.

I went outside to sniff and stuff and there were these other dogs that already live there. They're okay, but there was this boy greyhound who was very interested in meeting me, but I growled at him to let him know I wasn't feeling well yet, and I didn't want him getting too close to me. Well...I growled at him several more times and I think I hurt his feelings because he doesn't pay any attention to me now. I sniffed and sniffed in the yard and went in to see where I was going to sleep. I have a very big crate and my foster mom put all these blankets and stuff in there for me. It is really soft and warm so I just had myself a nice nap. I was still a little sleepy.

Later I got to go ouside with those other dogs and then I had a very good dinner. My tummy was a little upset so I got yogurt and brown rice and some good kibble. Tasted yummy and I ate it right up, but I wasn't thirsty. Then I had another nice nap. bedtime my foster mom put this nice long pillow in my crate with me. I just put my cute little head right on there and snuggled under my covers and she even kissed me and patted me till my eyes closed and I went to sleep. I had the BEST sleep. I was warm and comfy and it was so nice and quiet, I just decided to snooze and snooze, so I did.

I had a nice stroll in the yard this morning, those other dogs were there again, but I just tend to my own business. I had some more of that good food and I finally drank a bowlful of water. My foster mom was glad for that and she said I was wonderful. (Can you believe it?) She let me walk around with her for a while and I sniffed while she did stuff.

I'm thinking there is a lot more to explore here. These houses are a lot different that those kennels I've been in. There are some different smells and some things I've never seen or heard before. That thing she uses on the floors is really noisy and I don't think I really like that noise yet. Then I saw this thing on the ceiling that goes around and around and I jumped and ran back. My foster mom said it will not get me, but I will keep my eye on that thing.

So far I am having a swell time here at this house. My foster mom says I am really cute and I have a lovely little girl face, and I am really sweet and calm. My coat needs a little shine, but otherwise I am pretty dandy. When you meet me you will want to take me home with you.

Lily, via her Foster Mom
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