Liam is a six month old white and black male born March 3, 2018. He is the result of an "oops" litter born in southwestern Oklahoma, where the mom is a greyhound and dad is a staghound. This boy already is taking after his dad in size. Liam is not cat tolerant at this time.

Liam (or as we call him – Little Liam) is a wonderful, playful puppy. He throws himself completely into whatever activity he is taking part in – whether that activity is playing, running, or sleeping. He’s all in. His toy preference knows no bounds. He loves everything from a giant 9-foot stuffed caterpillar to a 3 inch squeaky squirrel and every manner of toy in-between. He is very gentle with his toys and doesn’t tear them up. He also regularly chews on Nyla bones to keep himself occupied.

He is very popular in our neighborhood. People will see us out walking him and they will cry out – Liam! And he responds with enthusiasm – which of course leads to pulling on the leash, so we are working on that.

On walks and in the back yard he is constantly on the lookout for things to pick up – rocks, acorns, leaves, dead insects, mulch, you name it. Everything is fair game to put in his mouth – and he does reluctantly drop it when you tell him to.

Liam is a consummate gentleman with excellent house manners. He doesn’t chew inappropriately, and he hasn’t had any accidents in the house since we got him. We take him out every 3-4 hours or so, but if he needs to go in-between those times, he goes and stands at the back door. He is a bit of shoe collector though, so if you leave shoes lying around, you may just end up finding them in his toy pile (not chewed up, of course). He also doesn’t get on furniture, doesn’t counter surf, and doesn’t get in the trash.

Liam is very smart and knows how to “sit” and plays fetch and will actually bring the ball back to you! (A rare greyhound ability for sure) Liam needs an active household that will give him plenty of attention and he would love another dog in the house to play with and can continue to learn acceptable social skills.

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