Levi is a 2.5 year old brindle male born May 15, 2016. His sire is Aerial Battle and his dam is Santa's Brooklyn. Levi was not individually registered and has not raced. He has not yet been tested with cats or small dogs. This big boy is sure to fit in your life like your favorite pair of jeans.

Levi has a cool smoky black mask against amazing brindles and a gorgeous blaze on his chest. While Levi is very friendly, he is also very cautious. At first, Levi is timid meeting new people, though as he gets to know people he becomes more affectionate and playful. Although he hasn’t quite figured out toys yet, he is progressively becoming more open to trying new activities. Throughout thunderstorm season, Levi has been quite calm.

Levi loves his leash and his crate (once he is inside). His leash is his courage lasso. Without it, he’s scared to move, but as soon as it’s clipped on, he leads the way outside or to his crate. He sometimes still needs a little encouragement to get into his crate when we go out, and once he’s there, he lays down right away. His crate is his safe place, where he will even go sometimes on his own. While his people are gone, his crate is the best place for him.

At first, Levi was too shy to even eat in front of us. As he’s become more familiar with homelife, he has become more comfortable doing so. One of the best things about Levi is that he won’t steal your food off the counter! Levi spends most of his time figuring out how to be in the right place to get you to love and hug him.

Levi might need a little more gentle reassurance and regular hugs than some other dogs for a while. He is a wonderful dog looking for a calm and loving home with other canine companions to show him the ropes!

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