Lettie Lettie

Lettie, aka EZ Lettuce Pray, is a striking 2-year-old white and black ticked female greyhound, born September 23, 2003. Her sire is Flying Penske and her dam is Genuine Alarm, an Irish-born greyhound. Lettie's racing career spans all of 4 races at Dairyland in October 2005. Lettie is in the process of finishing her medical evaluation. Lettie is small animal and cat tolerant.

Lettie is an absolutely precious girl. She knows how to use a doggie door and is working on knowing the difference between rawhides and shoes. She has the energy and enthusiasm of a young greyhound and gets along great with our two other greys, especially when she gets to be the boss. Lettie has extremely soft fur and is eager to show her appreciation through affectionate kisses…and boy does she lean. I have never met a dog who gives herself over so fully in her lean. She sure knows how to make her foster parents feel loved.

Another adorable trait is Lettie's ability to mimic sounds. She loves squeaky toys and mimics the squeaks back at them as she plays. One evening I heard a strange siren outside. I look out, and it was Lettie imitating the sound of an ambulance siren. It was so cute!

Lettie's Foster Family
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