Leigh Leigh

Leigh, aka BR's Lightning, is a beautiful 3½-year-old fawn female born May 18, 2002. Her sire is Loxahatchee Dash and her dam is Meadows Twist. Leigh's racing career started December 3, 2003 at Birmingham, Ala, and ended 45 races later on May 20, 2005 at Wichita, where she fluctuated between a Grade A and B racer. It is time for her to find her forever home. Leigh is cat tolerant.

Leigh came to her foster home as a shy and slightly reserved greyhound. Now, just a short time later, her true personality is beginning to emerge. Leigh lives in a foster home with 2 other greyhounds and two cats. She plays very well with her greyhound brothers and lets them rule the household. She also gets along very well with the cats and we feel she is cat tolerant. Remember though we always recommend that cats and dogs should be separated when people are not home to supervise their activities.


Leigh has developed into quite the "collector". If there is a toy to be found, she usually has it surrounding her in her bed. Luckily, she only collects doggie toys - she seems to know the difference between dog toys and human items. Leigh is usually found lying on a dog bed in the family room nearby, or in her crate (with all her stuffed animals).

Leigh loves to go on walks and does very well on lead. She is a very smart girl, often observing the other greyhounds and taking in their behaviors. It's been amazing how quickly she has caught on to the routine. Leigh also rides very well in the car - usually taking a quick nap to make good use of her travel time.


Leigh is a very happy and laid back girl. She seems content to be doing whatever the other greyhounds are doing, which is normally sleeping. Occasionally, she enjoys throwing her toys up in the air to play. She also crates very well while I'm at work - she looks at her crate as her little home.

Leigh enjoys the company of her greyhound brothers, so I believe Leigh would really enjoy being adopted into a home with other animals. However, I also feel she could also adjust to being an only dog too. Overall, Leigh is a very content, easy going, sweet and affectionate girl.

Leigh's Foster Mom
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