Layne is a 2.5 year old black female born on May 4, 2019. Her sire is Bob’s Skeet and her dam is KB’s Rae Bae, GALT’s Rae. Layne came to GALT with her brother Kent. Their litter was registered, but Layne, as the B pup, and Kent as the C pup, were not individually registered. Layne is small dog tolerant. It is not known at this time if she is cat tolerant.

Layne is a gorgeous, petite 3-year-old who adores people. She is hopeful and wants to trust, so she approaches people with a wagging tail and offers wet kisses. Once she gets to know you, she will glue herself to your side and want to go everywhere with you.

She has excellent house manners. She doesn’t get on the furniture. She lives with my personal greyhound who has low vision and is quirky, with another foster who is an AKC greyhound and 10 lb. Chihuahua mix. She may be a boss lady in training, however. She likes to guard her bed and treats and will growl if one of the hounds suggests she give them up. She goes right to her crate at mealtime and eats everything I offer her. She’s very good on a leash and enjoys her walks.

Layne enjoys romping in the yard and patrolling for squirrels with her pals. She has been known to bark while happy and excited, especially while waiting for me to prepare dinner. Her most exciting moments are walks and car rides. She hops until you put the harness and leash on. She wakes up happy and wanting affection from the minute her eyes open.

She attracts a lot of attention with her blue-black coat, snow-white blaze and white toes. Her fur is incredibly smooth. Running a hand along her back is a little like touching the slick glass of an iPad. She has medium brown eyes that reflect light. Her most interesting feature is a black-on-black stripe that runs from between her eyes to about 2/3 of the way down her nose. This eye-catching look is caused by fur that is growing in a different direction than that of the rest of her face. She also has a unique gait. When walking, she places one foot in front of the other like a runway model. Just gorgeous!

Her favorite thing is riding in cars. She loves to go with me for short errands such as curbside pickup where she can greet more people. She enjoys cow hooves, meals, blankets, stealing socks from the laundry (but not harming them) and sleeping on the bed closest to me in my home office. At night, she sleeps in a dog bed in my room or uses the always open, well-appointed crate to sleep in. She sleeps through the night.

Layne will be a great catch for the right family: experienced dog/greyhound owners in a house with a yard and available to spend lots of time with her and include her in family adventures. Layne is an only-dog candidate. Not a good candidate for an adopter away from home all day.

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