Lauren, aka Wanego Lauren, is a beautiful 7½-year-old fawn female born July 15, 2004. Her sire is WMS Castaway, and her dam is Greys Gold Star. Lauren has 42 races to her credit on starting February 7. 2007, at the now closed Corpus Christi, TX track and ending there on December 16, 2007. Lauren was then adopted, but due to economic circumstances a few years later, her owner requested GALT's help in finding Lauren's forever family. Lauren was then adopted for a couple of months, but has since returned to GALT as she would do best in a forever home with a canine companion.

Lauren has provisionally passed her cat test.

Lauren is a very petite, dainty and feminine girl looking for someone to love. She has a few requirements: Lauren needs to be part of a pack, so having one or more greyhounds or other dogs to bond with is essential. She had some food allergies/sensitive stomach issues recently and has now settled into a food that agrees with her: Costco's Natures Domain dry chow. She will need to be kept on this or something with a similar formula so her tummy will not become upset. Due to her previous digestion problems, Lauren has some anxiety if unable to go outside when needed, so a dog door is also a must. Otherwise, she is perfectly healthy, cat-friendly, child-friendly, and a pleasure to care for. She refuses to get up on any furniture even when invited, but occasionally I find her on the foot of my bed in the mornings. She starts out on the bedroom floor, but during the night she fells the need to get a bit closer! Lauren will tell you when she wants treats (never barking, but trying to talk instead), does great zoomies in the yard, gives delicate little kisses, is an attentive and empathetic listener, and a propeller-tail-wagger. Lauren is very happy just to have a routine (she has her favorite bed in her favorite spot), some good food, her doggie buddies and a family to adore. Come meet her and let her tell you all about herself!

Lauren's Foster Momo