Lassie, fka Barts Pioneer, is a 4 year old black female born on February 11, 2017. Her sire is Trent Lee and her dam is Barts Stars. She had a career of 132 races. Lassie should not live with cats, nor small dogs.

Looking for the perfect girl? Lovely Lassie is as close as you'll come! She's a happy, exceptionally well-behaved tail-wagger with a huge personality and a zest for life. She's very affectionate too and loves to have her ears scratched and tummy rubbed. And she's smart! While she came to us directly from the kennel, never having been in a home before, she hasn't had a single accident in the house and she quickly learned that "go to your bed" means just that and complies quickly. While there is a crate for her to use, she really doesn't need it. The door is always open and she sometimes goes in for a nap but otherwise, she loves a soft bed and she was relaxed enough to "roach" on day two. A confident, outgoing girl, Lassie greets everyone she meets with enthusiasm. After just a few days of being here, she discovered toys and diligently filled her bed with them. Making them squeak is a bonus! She has no fear of thunderstorms or loud noises. She doesn't chew inappropriately and she's very quiet. Mealtimes are a highlight of her day and she always cleans her bowl. Lassie loves her walks and is a dream to walk on a leash. Car rides are another exciting adventure for this bright-eyed 4-year-old.

Lassie is also easy on the eyes with her sleek, shiny, black velvet coat and happy demeanor. Because she's so pretty and friendly, she attracts plenty of attention on walks. Although she gets along with other large dogs, she's an independent, self-assured, alpha girl who is also a good candidate to be an only dog.

This very special little girl is available and searching for her forever home. Would your home be a good fit for her?

Lassie's Foster Family

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