Lass Lass

Lass, aka Jr's Everlasting, is a red brindle female who just celebrated her second birthday on August 16. Born in 2004 to sire, WW Apple Jax, and dam, Jr's Tate, Lass competed in 26 races before she decided to consider her other options. With a whole new life ahead of her, this happy-go-lucky little girl has her sights pointed towards a new home and family. Lass is cat tolerant.

Little Lass is a very sweet and loving girl. She is very affectionate and loves to be pet and scratched while lying on the floor. She does not like being hugged or held against you. She is a very smart little girl and learns very quickly.

She loves to eat and eats very fast. She has learned quickly which bowl is hers and waits for you to put her food down. Well, her waiting includes lots of bouncing around - but she does wait.

Lass has a very happy, playful personality and she likes to be close to people, curling up or 'roaching' on a dog bed. She will lay her head on your lap to let you scratch her head and ears. If you are petting her while she is lying down, she will beg for more by pawing at you if you stop. She likes to play with, and gets along well with, the other dogs at our house and pretty much ignores the cats. Lass will come running when you call her and wiggle all over waiting for you to pet her. She talks randomly with a whine here and there and will whine if she does not like the situation she finds herself in.

Lass likes to go for walks and she walks well on a leash. She likes to play with stuffed toys. She does not like to be corrected; she will lower her head and go to a corner and curl up. It is a good thing she learns the rules very quickly, and it was only a couple of days of correcting with the squirt bottle - now she is a very good little girl. It only takes a "No!" to get her to stop doing something that she should not be doing, which is seldom.

She has very good house manners and wants to please. She does not mind going into or being in her crate. She just runs in and lays down, no treat needed. Although, she does like to get a treat before you leave the house. At night she sleeps quietly on a dog bed in the bedroom.

Lass is enjoying retirement, loving those soft dog beds, and would love to have her own special forever home and family to love her. I think she would enjoy having a fur-brother or sister, but would probably be okay as an only dog too. I do not think she would do very well with small children. If you're looking for a happy-go-lucky little girl, Lass might be just the sweetie for you.

Lass's Foster Mom
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