Lane Lane

Lane, aka My Lane Smith, is a 5-year-old white and red greyhound, born July 12, 2001. His sire is Oshkosh Slammer and his dam is My Bold Girl. Ninty-nine races are under Lane's belt, starting at Bluffs Run, Iowa, on April 17, 2003, going on to Wichita, Kansas, and finishing April 14, 2005, at Tri State in West Virginia. His whereabouts between that day and August 5, 2006, are not known. Lane was taken to the Altus Animal Aid Center in Oklahoma as a stray after he wandered up to a gas station in Altus and collapsed. He was covered in ticks and fleas, and his pads on his feet were raw from the hot asphalt. When Lane arrived at GALT, he had an extremely low platelet count, which had to be treated prior to the completions of his medical procedures. That has now been done, and Lane is ready to find his forever home. Lane is not cat tolerant, but how he will react to small dogs is still unknown.

Lane is such a genuinely happy boy and it's obvious to us that he is a special greyhound with much love to give his forever family. All he needs is for them to come and meet him and that's all it will take. He will greet you with his big smile and "WHAM," you're his.

All silliness aside, Lane truly is a wonderful boy who deserves to spend the best years of his life in total happiness. He has overcome some medical issues and is feeling like a healthy greyhound once again.

Lane, like most greys, loves his toys, stuffies, balls, Kongs, and anything you can find. He'll play with anything. He has a very healthy appetite and will clean his bowl every time. Putting weight on him was no problem and his new family should be careful not to over feed him.

Lane does well in his crate and will go in with little or no hesitation. We either lead him gently by his collar, or with a little treat. Once in the crate he is very quiet and calm. Lane gets along nicely with our hounds and it does not appear that he wants to dominate. He is a good sleeper and does not usually get up during the night. If he does get up he probably needs to get outside for a break. Lane acclimated himself to our routine from the moment we brought him to our home and he has been a delight to have with us.

If you are seeking your first greyhound or you want to add another to your family, you must meet Lane. He's a very deserving boy who will shower his family with love and devotion.

Lane's Foster Mom
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