Ladyee is an approximately 8-year-old fawn female. GALT responded to this post on Craigslist: "7 yr old Female Greyhound needs a good home. She was seized from a neglect home in November, where she was one of 15 Greyhounds that were severely malnourished. Ladyee was adopted by my husband and me. She has been very sweet and loving since we've brought her home but just seems like she would be happier around other larger dogs. She loves attention, exploring in the backyard, eating her rawhide bone and sleeping. Since she is an adult dog, she isn't hyper and loves to just lounge around the house."

GALT accepted Ladyee into our family, and she is slowly warming up in her foster home. Since she is not tattooed, her age is estimated. It is time for Laydee to find the forever home she so greytly deserves.

Ladyee is cat and small dog tolerant.

Ladyee has a face that seems to say only one thing: love me. From the moment we started fostering her, she has been nothing but sweet. She has deep brown eyes that gaze into you, especially when you're petting her face or rubbing her ears.

She has playful spirit. She will carry a toy from room to room, upstairs then downstairs, until she finally decides to stop moving and get down to the business at hand: finishing off her prey! We've had to throw away several of Ladyee's "kills." She also loves to take a toy into the yard to throw it in the air and chase it around. She plays well by herself and with other greyhounds.

We believe Ladyee's forever home should have a yard. She can be quite active at times and she needs the room to toss her toys and jump after them. And while she can probably be an only dog, she thrives with another dog around. She and our greyhound LOVE to chase one another around the yard and wrestle.

One of her more endearing characteristics is her vocal stylings. She has a variety of groans, barks, and sighs that are sure to make you giggle and smile.

She sleeps through the night in our room on a dog bed and will let you sleep in once she has adjusted to your routine. But once you're up, she's happy to see you and greets you with a wagging tail and playful bumps. She enjoys her walks but primarily does her business in the yard.

Ladyee loves to be around her people and will make a terrific addition to a lucky family.

Ladyee's Foster Parents