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Lady, aka Tedys Littlelady, is a seven-year-old red brindle female born on Christmas day, 1999 to dam Jeti Pushbutton and the famous Greyhound sire, Molotov. Lady's racing career began in August 2001, and over the next two years she competed in 73 races at several Florida and Wisconsin tracks. Lady joined GALT after losing a litter of still-born puppies during a C section. She has since been spayed and is looking for her permanent home. Deserving all the comforts reserved for true ladies, this Lady is certain to make a wonderful addition for a lucky family. Lady is not cat tolerant; she has not been tested with small dogs.

Lady is a red brindle girl, who has traveled between Wisconsin and Florida, now hoping that Texas is where she will get to stay. Lady went through some personal trauma before she found GALT. Although, once you get to know this girl, you realize GALT was very fortunate to find her, as she is quite the Lady…

This little girl came to us with excellent house manners; she quickly understood what it meant to be housetrained, and has had no potty training issues. She is a good girl, and walks well on a leash. While out walking, she would like to chase a squirrel or a bird, if the opportunity is given. On that note, it has been determined that Ms. Lady is not cat tolerant. However, she loves other dogs and people, is super friendly and really just wants to play with them. Lady is a sweet, sweet girl.


Lady is a true personality and the life of the party. You would never know she is six years old as she acts more like three. She is greyt, packed with a very friendly, good natured, affectionate and sweet disposition. Lady is easy to love with her playful and "happy go lucky" character. However, this girl does not necessarily care for GALT's Meet and Greet events, as they make her shy and nervous. These events do not present her as the true "Lady" she really is. Despite her nerves at the Meet and Greets, she adjusted to home life in no time, and settled into the household routines very quickly. To see this perfect little girl, a personal introduction in an environment where she is more comfortable, is preferred. Honestly, you cannot help but love her.

She is crate trained, and willingly goes into the crate. However, as she has earned her trust in the house, I rarely use the crate any more. She behaves so well, there is just no need. At night, she sleeps on a doggie bed in the bedroom. Occasionally, she wakes up, but goes right back to sleep, so no issues there either.

Overall, Lady is just a greyt dog; she loves her food and treats, and eats well with the other dogs. She is very amenable to handling, and likes any attention she can get. She does wonderfully in the car and immediately lies down when we take off. Lady enjoys her toys, especially the squeaky ones. Nothing is more fun than to make squeaky sounds!!

During the days, she stays at home with the two other dogs and it has worked out just perfect. This foster home has cats, but they are kept in a separate room. Lady is fortunate to have a dog walker come take her and her doggie siblings out during the day… ahh - what a life for a retiree!

Lady is a talker and will bark when excited. She is a pretty active Greyhound and has found the perfect mix of activity and rest. Not your real coach potato in other words. She really likes to walk and play and would therefore do very well in a household with another dog companion and a yard - Lady loves to run those laps! She truly has the most marvelous personality.

I really love this girl, she is a magnificent dog - actually, I find her exceptional! I can't say enough about Lady. She will make a wonderful pet and a greyt companion. If I could, I would keep her in a minute. Whoever chooses Lady, will be a very lucky family…and she will be a lucky dog, to finally have found her forever home that she so deserves.

Lady's Foster Mom
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