Paris Paris

Paris, formerly Lady, aka CL Perfect Lady, is a gorgeous, almost 8-year-old white-and-black female greyhound born November 10, 2001. Paris's sire is Flying Train and her dam is Heart Break Girl. Paris's career spanned 35 races according to, starting June 8, 2003, at Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque, Texas, and finishing at Valley Race Park in Harlingen on March 27, 2004. Paris was then adopted and in a home for 4 years, but it was not to be her forever home. She and Ace were in the same home and were returned through absolutely no fault of their own, due to divorce. Paris is not cat tolerant but has not been tested with small animals yet.


Paris is a very easy-going, low-maintenance, affectionate girl with a sweet personality. She wants to be in on all the activities in the house, and loves to slip her head under your hand as she walks by your side.

She sits on command, and sometimes sits without a command! Paris loves playing with the other dogs in her foster home, and would do best in a home with another dog or two. I think she really misses her friend Ace, and just wants to be part of a pack.

Paris loves her meal times (that's when she sits without being asked!), loves tossing stuffies around and loves napping on the couch. She must have been invited up there by her former home, because now there is no stopping her! She doesn't try to get up on the bed, but I know that once invited, my bed would suit her just fine too.

She has no bad habits - after all, she is 8 and has been in a home for a while already. She is a perfect choice for a new or experienced greyhound owner.

Paris is beautiful, those big brown eyes and white eyelashes will melt your heart. Come visit her and let her show you how wonderful a mature lady can be.

Paris's Foster Mom
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