Kristy, aka Kristy Minty, is a 4-year-old black female born June 27, 2010. Her sire is Trent Lee and her dam is RC's Jamie. She has 121 races on record at, all at Florida tracks, starting in April 2012 and finishing up in March 2014. Kristy had orthopedic surgery on April 1, 2014 to repair a central tarsal bone fracture. She is all healed up now.

Kristy should not live with cats.

Kristy is a 100% example of the playful, goofy greyhound archetype! She has a lot of energy, would love to chase squirrels, adores her toys, and would win a gold medal for family affection. She cuddles and wants lots of scritches (and then some more after that). She has the most most loving little face and soft, almost fluffy fur! She has made great strides with learning good house manners - just a few little things left to work on. She is crated during the day, but we're working on a sudden aversion to going into the crate initially. She enjoys walking on the leash, but it is best to keep a tight grip as she's pretty impulsive when she sees something interesting. She gets along fine with her foster brother greyhound. This sweet pea deserves to be kissed every day!

Kristy's Foster Mom

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