Archie Archie

Archie, formerly Kramer, aka K's Seabiscuit, is a striking almost 5-year-old brindle-and-white boy, born April 15, 2002. Archie's sire is Mankato and his dam is Jamestown Merlin, an Irish-bred greyhound. There are no races listed on or for Archie or any of his 9 siblings, so it is suspected there was just no interest in racing at all. Archie was in a home for almost two years and returned through no fault of his own. Archie is cat and small animal tolerant and gets along well with children.

Archie is a dream to have in the house. He has nearly perfect house manners. Since Archie was in a home for almost two years, he knows the drill. He is a Velcro boy and sticks close by me. He is not very food motivated. If he ever sticks his nose where it doesn't belong, which is seldom, a firm "No!" is all it takes to make him walk away.

Archie is a laid-back boy and not always as exuberant as our other greys. He loves to go for walks and walks well on a leash. He likes his crate and will go in sometimes just to rest. He has shown no interest in our cats; they can walk by him or rub against him and he just sniffs them or ignores them. He is perfectly house-trained; he has not had any accidents in the house.

He loves to be loved on and will stand for a long time while you pet him, or lay his head on your lap to get some petting. He occasionally plays with toys but they do not hold his interest for long. He would rather be petted.

He barks once in a while when you leave him in the house to go to the garage or outside. He knows the difference between when you are leaving the house for the day or just going outside briefly. He is quiet and lies down in his kennel when he knows you are leaving the house, but if you are just going outside for a few minutes, he will bark at the door as if asking, "Why are you not taking me with you?" He listens and responds well.

If you are looking for a beautiful, easy going, loving, and well-behaved greyhound, Archie might be just the dog for you.

Archie's Foster Mom

Archie with his forever family (dad at work)

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