Kourtney Kourtney

Kourtney, aka Jetta Kourtney, is a lovely 7-year-old white and brindle female, born November 4, 1997. Kourtney and Ellen were found as strays at a favorite "dumping ground" in a suburb of the DFW area. Kourtney was heartworm positive when she and Ellen came to GALT; but after treatment is now testing negative! Hurrah! By her appearance now you would never know she came in weighing barely 50 pounds with many sores and cuts. Kourtney is a very loving greyhound. Kourtney is cat tolerant. She was interested at first but was easily distracted. She spent the entire day with four cats without incident.

Ah, life is good. With my added pounds, I finally got rid of that heroin-chic look. Anorexia is soooo not me. I look very svelte and have seen Patrick (other resident Greyhound) making eyes at me.

I like my foster home. I venture out of my crate on my own to discover the bedroom and its contents, and have acquired equity. There are lots of possessions to collect off of the floor and I am now the proud owner of one black sandal, a winter scarf and many doggy toys. Soon I will need a larger crate. By the way, my foster mom decided to decorate the side panel of the crate that is up against the wall to protect it from any flying slobber, food stuff, etc. Well, pleeeease, can someone tell her that the African/zoo theme is SO passé. Does she think this is a safari? A zebra-striped sheet will not bring me the tranquility and rest I require!!!!! Can we get a crate make-over here? How about something more zen-like?

Going outside is so much fun. As soon as I hear mom come home, I call out rooooooooooooooo and she listens and comes to take me for some fresh air in the yard. There are so many smells, sights and new sounds. Sometimes, I play and participate with the others with my newfound energy. Every day is more interesting than the one before.

Of course, I still enjoy just being lazy and sleeping a lot throughout the day.

Kourtney, via her Foster Mom
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