Koko is a 1 1/2 year old white and black female born on November 6, 2018. She was surrendered to GALT by her owner in Bryan, Texas. Not much is known about Koko, but she has finished her medical procedures and is in a foster home at this time. Koko should not live with cats at this time.

Koko is a very sweet fuzzy girl. It took her a little while to get used to living with us, and she’s adjusted nicely to life in a home now. KoKo is a greyhound/staghound mix. Because of her mix, she’s a bit shaggy, not your typical short-haired greyhound. KoKo LOVES to be brushed! She just stands there with her mouth open when we brush her. It's so cute!

We’re not sure of KoKo’s story though we think she was a hunting dog. A friend of her owner convinced him to surrender KoKo to GALT because the friend felt sorry for KoKo having what is obviously a broken leg that received no treatment. There’s a definite ‘bump’ in her leg where the break healed/cemented (according to the vet) and is what it is. She favors it somewhat when she’s just standing, and is able to walk and run just fine.

Surprisingly KoKo’s not a fan of squeaky toys and we have put the toy box away to save for other fosters. Instead, we gave her a big bone to chew on, and that’s not a big deal to her either. What she does like is to spy on rabbits and squirrels and chase them down. Although she’s never caught any in our backyard. . .yet. If she was a hunting dog, that may be a part of her ‘prey drive’. It’s best that Koko not live with small dogs or cats.

KoKo does not like to be crated. She has ‘busted out’ three times! When we got home, everything was fine; KoKo included. She will, however, sleep in it during the night or during the day as long as the door stays open.

Koko is amazing around children, even infants. She wants to be in the same room with him and she likes to sniff his car seat when the little 2-legger visits. She’s very gentle with and around the baby and shows no signs of jealousy or aggression.

KoKo is basically a quiet dog. We don’t hear much from her in the way of barking. Although, she doesn’t like storms. Having said that, she’s not as skittish about storms as other greys we’ve had.

She’s bonded with me more so than her foster dad. It’s quite comical to watch her, she’ll s-t-r-e-t-c-h herself onto my lap as far as she can while still keeping her back legs on the floor. As fosters, we obviously are not to encourage the greys in their hopes of climbing onto furniture or beds, and it wouldn’t take much for her to do so. . .once permission would be granted.

Koko's Foster Parents

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