Kitty Kitty

Kitty, aka Hot Shot Kitty, is a striking red brindle 2-year-old female, born June 16, 2002. Kitty’s sire was Gable Oscar and her dam was Jem Miss Kitty, with her grand sire being Gable Dodge. You can see by her young age that Kitty clearly was not a racer at heart when on the track – but look out as she races for her forever home! Kitty is playful and friendly. For a while Kitty was staying at Pet Stay & Play, and the owner, Benny, said that she loved to play with the other dogs. She played chase a lot and loved to go after tennis balls and Frisbees. Kitty is small animal and cat trainable.


My name is Kitty. I am very cute, and a little on the small side. My foster mom says I am "a sweet, petite bundle of exuberance". Not really sure what that means, but it must be good, because they seem to like me a lot here. I learn real fast, actually, I am eager to learn. I have proved that by not having any accidents in the house since I came to my foster home! How about that? Not bad for a little girl. They tell me I am not allowed on the sofa… that is bad because I love the couch! You know what I do though? I sneak away one of the pillows from the couch, when nobody sees me, or at least I don't think they do… then I put that pillow on my bed instead. I have no intention of tearing it up, just like to pretend that I am on the couch after all.


I do love big furry toys that squeak. I make people laugh when I get bursts of energy and walk by one of our squeakies, flip it into the air, then pounce at it like a cat. I love to hear it squeak! I tell you, it wears me out though... I do like to play, but one can only play so much. After a good run with the squeakies, I usually need a nap. Fortunately, where I stay, they have many great beds, and if the beds happen to be occupied by my fellow canine foster siblings, the carpet or the floor will do too. I am not real picky. As long as I can lay down. I have to admit, although I am very special, I do things like other Greyhounds do too, like sleep with my legs up in the air. I have a crate, and I don't mind being in there, I don't even cry. It's soft and cushy, and I get some time alone, which is never bad when you are a little Greyhound girl.

Every once in a while I get into things I shouldn't, but it's ok, because when I am told "no", I understand and I try very hard not to do it again. I like to please, mostly because of the results. Hugs and kisses are always a great thing to get. Since I get plenty of that myself, I like to give back to those around me, doesn't matter ~ human or dog, I'll kiss 'em all! I am a good kisser! At least that is what I am told.

Going for walks is another favorite thing of mine. Walking is great! I keep my ears perked the whole time because I like to check things out while I am out there, my head goes from side to side. I don't want to brag, but I have overheard at several occasions that I am very good on the leash. Just so you know.

For a little girl, I am pretty confident, and I don't mind being the boss at times. That is what happens when you are the smallest kid on the block; you have to show the big guys that you are independent. But at the end of the day, I am still more of a sweetheart and a good friend. My household contains three other doggie siblings and I like that they are here with me. We make a good team. I would consider living with a cat too, because my cat test went very well although I admit, I might need just a little bit of training first.

All in all, my goal in life is to find a home where I can do the things I love to do, and where I know I can stay for the rest of my life. Please come visit me at one of our Meet 'n Greets. I bet you'll fall in love with me! I promise you an endless amount of kisses in return.

Kitty, via her Foster Mom

Kitty is a sweet, petite bundle of exuberance. She almost immediately became housebroken and has proven to be a quick learner of what she can and can't do. She doesn't get on furniture (although she does have a favorite pillow she loves to sneak off the sofa). Kitty really loves a comfy bed - or carpet - or even bare floor - sleeping many times with her feet sticking in the air! She easily crates and never complains about it. She's always ready for a walk - no tugging or pulling and her ears stay at alert - she's watching for birds, squirrels and any other interesting critters. She loves her squeakies - walks by one and flips it into the air, then pounces at it. There will be wild squeaking for a few minutes, then it's time to rest...that playing can be tiring!

Kitty is a very friendly dog - no shyness about her. She gets along well with the 3 other dogs she's living with - one 4-year old female foster, one 5-year male grey and 10-year female muttlett. She's always giving them kisses - and kissing humans, too. Kitty is also very curious - has to check out everything - sniffs in my cosmetic drawer, pokes in the magazine rack and snoops in my office. No mischief, just nosey!

Kitty's Foster Mom
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