Kisses, fka Goodnight Kiss, is a 1 1/2 year old red brindle female born on June 15, 2019. Her sire is Superior Panama and her dam is Bartsallthatjazz. She tried 10 races before coming to GALT. Kissess should not live with cats.

Kisses is a pretty little princess. She has the absolute softest coat with plenty of beautiful brindles, and (as per her name) she takes kissing sounds as an invitation and will rush over to give you the real thing. So many things give her joy – toys, pets, sleep (she is a greyhound after all). She is very gentle with her toys and doesn’t tear them up. While she does like all toys, her favorites are squeaky ones.

Even though she is only 2, she is very good about entertaining herself, whether it is playing with her toys, or chewing on a nylabone, and of course if someone wants to play with her, she is in heaven. When someone throws her toys, she will launch herself into the air to pounce on her toys. She also leaps into the air when excited.

When playing outside, she loves to open it up and run with abandon. However, if it is hot, you have to make sure she doesn’t overdo it as she isn’t sure of her limits in the heat. While she does love a soft bed (what greyhound doesn’t?) if she is hot, she knows to cool herself by lying on the tile floor.

Since day 1, she has been completely house-trained, with absolutely no accidents. She gets her teeth brushed every day and gets regular baths – both of which she is a pro at. She roaches when sleeping, and is a big leaner even though she is little. She is crated when we leave with no issues whatsoever. We throw some treats in and she goes right in and lays down/sleeps the whole time we are gone (up to 4 hours so far). She also will occasionally lay in her crate throughout the day as we keep the door open for her.

She had 10 races in Florida and for half of them she placed 1st or 2nd. The first time she saw a roaming bunny, she was like – They DO exist! And her interest in them has not waned. She generally is good on walks, unless she sees said bunnies or squirrels, then she pulls towards them.

As this is her first foray into home life, she still gets nervous in new situations, or with new or loud noises. She looks to our greyhounds for reassurance and is already making progress on getting more comfortable, so we think she will only get even better with time. She also has some sleep startle which may also lessen with time. Oddly enough, storms don’t bother her at all (except for the really huge close booms of thunder, which scare even us.)

If you are looking for a beautiful, fun, little girl with tons of personality, Kisses may be your girl.

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