Kinsley, aka Slatex Kinsley, is a 1 1/2 year old red and white female born on January 8, 2019. Her sire is Chasmo’s Dutch and her dam is Slatex Aspen. Kinsley has no races to her credit on Greyhound Data. She is being medically evaluated at present and will be tested for cat and small animal tolerance soon.

Kinsley is a happy and friendly girl that loves her people fiercely. She will follow you everywhere you go, sometimes so close that she’s a trip hazard! In the home, Kinsley is confident and can be dominant.

She is surprisingly calm for her young age and has very good house manners. Kinsley loves to go for daily walks and does great on a leash. She adores her stuffies, food and licki mats, and LOVES to get attention. She will always come rest her head on your lap for scratches or will give kisses to her foster mom.

Kinsley lives with a smaller dog and does great, though she does unintentionally run her over from time to time to be the first out the door or to the food bowl. Therefore, she may not be best around young children. She would likely be fine as a single dog, as long as she gets plenty of attention.

Kinsley uses a crate during the day while her foster mom is at work, and has been spending small chunks of time left out independently and always does well. If it was up to her, she would prefer to not use the crate at all, and she loudly lets you know she’s ready to get out once her foster mom gets home. Kinsley can be vocal, so apartment living is probably not best for her.

Kinsley is very nervous around smooth, slippery floors, and will need a home with carpeting or lots of rugs and runners. If the rugs get too spaced out and she doesn’t think she can make it to the next one, she will sit there and cry, or try to make a sprint for it and usually ends up slipping and sliding.

Kinsley has blossomed into the best dog, and she is well-loved by everyone she meets. Her sweet disposition makes her easy to love, and her forever family will be so lucky to have her.

Kinsley's Foster Mom

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