Kenny, aka Anawan Kenny, is a handsome black 3½-year-old male, born December 29, 2001. His sire is My Broadway Joe and his dam is SR's Kahlua. Kenny came to GALT as an owner release from the Paris Shelter. There is no record of Kenny's racing record on

He was released to the shelter by an older man who had suffered a stroke. That is all that is known about him at this time, except he is one exceptional loving boy! Kenny gets along well with other dogs and is cat tolerant.

Kenny is a beautiful, playful boy. He's very sweet to people and loves affection (Well, duh! He's a greyhound!). He gets along well with his foster buddies: a male greyhound and a female terrier mix. He respects the cats once he's checked them out and they've let him know they've had enough of that nose. He mostly ignores them and allows them to walk across the floor unscathed.

Kenny's tail only seems to stop wagging when he's laying down. This past week has been a great time to test him for thunderstorm behavior. He barks at thunder both live and on TV, but doesn't seem afraid of it. The big fireworks that could be heard at my house elicited barks, too. He trots to the door wanting to know what's making that ka-boom. He's finally gotten used to loud parrot squawks; he doesn't bother to trot back to the bird room anymore when they sound an alarm. Kenny likes to collect. Currently, he's learning that shoes and catalogues are not toys for him. At this time, he's a little shy with the squeaky dog toys, but seems to like the smaller ones. Chewing on a yummy beef bone was natural, of course. His house-training is coming along nicely.

Kenny's Foster Mom
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