Dude, fka Kayser, is a 3 ½ year old, fawn male greyhound born on May 1, 2018. His sire is Chasmo’s Dutch and his dam is L Cat Woman. Dude decided early on to skip a racing career and look instead for his forever home. Dude is small dog and cat tolerant.

Dude, fka Kayser, is a 3.5 yr old bare butted beauty and has been nothing but a pleasure in our home. Luckily, he has not taken on the movie persona of his namesake, Kayser Soze from "The Usual Suspects". He has however taken on the persona of his other movie character name, cause this Dude in "The Big Lebowski"!

He is a playful energetic boy who loves to do zoomies in the yard. He tries to get our greyhound to play all the time, mostly to no avail and he takes it in stride. He is also quite good with his smaller housemates, our two Italian Greyhounds. He absolutely loves his nylabones and soup bones. Dude likes to strut his stuff around the neighborhood and hold tight to the leash in case the pesky Rocky from Rocky and Bullwinkle catches his eye. He really wants to “meet” the squirrel.

Dude sleeps thru the night. He loves to finish his housemates' meals if they decide to leave some for later. He is a gentleman and will get your attention to go out to use the facilities. He likes to use our pool as his own 19,000 gallon water bowl.

He was previously adopted and returned to GALT due to no fault of his own and it’s clear he was allowed on the furniture, since he made himself at home on our couch and bed right away. When he is not out and about, he is happy to snooze the day away. He is crate friendly and when we are ready to go out, he will retreat to his safe place with ease.

Dude checks all the boxes for a GREYT ambassador to the breed and will make a wonderful addition to a loving family.

Kayser/Dude's Foster Parents

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