Gracie Gracie

Gracie, formerly Katte, aka Rapido Saint, is a beautiful 8-year-old fawn female, born July 26, 2002. Gracie's sire is Rapido Rambo and her dam is Flying Kiowa Joy. Her racing career was less than a month (January 22 to February 21, 2004), at Valley Race Park in Harlingen. Gracie was adopted into a home and was there 6 years; however, marriage and the arrival of a baby changed Gracie’s life, and here she is hoping again to find her real forever home. Gracie is cat tolerant and gets along very well with other dogs, large and small. Gracie is a beautiful, petite and sweet, loving girl.


Gracie is a gentle girl who has wonderful house manners. Seeing her play with toys is an exercise in joy - she so obviously loves pouncing on them and making them squeak. When Gracie discovered the shallow section of our pool, she waded right in. I'm sure she'd love to have a wading pool of her very own - she splashes around in ours every chance she gets. She gets along very well with the other greyhounds in the house - no conflicts at all. She can often be found on a dog bed near the others. Sometimes she sneaks up onto the couch, and I'm sure she was allowed on the furniture in her previous home. We're gently working on this behavior. When Gracie gets excited she bounces in little front-paw hops, but does not jump up on people at all. She likes mealtimes, but is a leisurely eater and can get distracted in the middle of her meal only to return to it later.

Gracie is a seasoned leash-walker, and likes to explore the neighborhood. But I think she likes her naps even more! Gracie loves meeting new people on our walks and thinks everyone owes her a pat or two. She's always happy to greet us when we get home, and is quick to offer sweet, little kisses. Come see her - she's saving a kiss just for you!

Gracie's Foster Mom
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