Kat Kat

Kat, aka Kebo Kopy Kat, is a beautiful 3-year-old red fawn female, born February 11, 2002. Her sire is Faithful Scott, making her grand sire the famous Fortress, and her dam is Legler. Kat and Decker are half siblings, sharing the same sire, Faithful Scott. Kat started racing December 6, 2003 in Palm Beach, FL and finished her racing career June 5, 2004 at Multnomah in Oregon. Kat is a little on the smaller size for a female, and she is very shy. Kat is small animal and cat tolerant.

Ms. Kat is a very pretty fawn lady. She has the body and look of a model; a very slender, sleek build with darkly outlined, gorgeous amber eyes that can give you a look, especially when she cocks her head just so. A very subtle, "You love me, don't ya!" look.

Kat is a shy, somewhat wary and apprehensive girl. She wants to trust you and love you, but she is just not sure that she should. She would benefit from a home with another medium to large size dog to give her the confidence and reassurance that all is well, and that she has nothing to fear. Her ideal home is quiet, with no small children, as sudden moves or noises in the house send her flying to hide in a safe place.


This little girl loves her food, and will come when called to be fed, although she prefers to wait to eat until you walk away and she can be left alone. As she is still a bit guarded in her approach towards people, she prefers to come to you if you are sitting or kneeling down. If you are standing up, she will very seldom come up to you, even with coaxing. A trick is to pet another dog, as this invariably will make her feel confident enough to come running for some lovin'. Her house manners are great, and she is house trained as well. Kat will indicate a need to go potty by standing, laying or pacing by the back door.

She loves to go for her daily walks with the other dogs. This little girl walks very well on a leash and does not pull at all. She has to walk right next to (touching now and again) another dog as this seems to give her assurance and make her world a safer place. She will jump (bolt) at loud noises and/or lots of activity going on in the street. A harness may be a good tool to help Kat feel safer and it would ensure that she would not "slip the collar".

Kat does not mind a crate and sometimes just sits in one during the day to take a break, although she rarely needs to be crated when you are gone. Currently, she is being baby-gated in a room with her buddy (a large male greyhound) when we leave the house. We give them a treat to munch on when we leave and they do fine. To be on the safe side we make sure all papers or books are picked up and that there are toys to play with. You never know what might look good as a chew toy all of a sudden!

Ms. Kat loves stuffed toys, especially those that squeak and make noise! She tends to put the noisemaker out of commission very quickly... She just has to see what that loud thing looks like. Curious girl indeed! Just like she loves her food, she also loves treats of all kinds. Aside from eating, her passion is to run in the backyard and play with the other dogs. Despite her shy nature around humans, she does have alpha tendencies, and might try to exert dominance over other dogs.

Kat is a love who is looking for that very special forever home. She would enjoy a couple of canine buddies, as they will help her with direction and confidence. A patient family that is willing to work with this beautiful Greyhound and help her come out of her shell would be ideal. She needs to feel that you will stay with her for life, so she can learn to feel trust and security again. Earning the trust from one of these doe like creatures is one of the most rewarding things that can happen. Getting "the look" from those gorgeous eyes…. Makes it all worth it!

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