Kamy, aka CTW Kung Fu Kamy, is a 3 year old sleek black female born February 20, 2014. Her sire is the famous Trent Lee and her dam is CTW Kara. Kamy's racing career, according to, consisted of 68 races all at the Birmingham, AL track starting April 6, 2016, and finishing her career on April 26, 2017. Kamy enjoys the company of cats.

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Kung Fu Kamy is one perky pupper with a manageable energy level! The first thing you'll notice about her is the ceaseless tail wagging. She's super happy to be in a home after a yearlong racing career. Kamy walks gently on lead and has a low prey drive. She's fairly quiet - just an occasional bark and whine when she was hungry. She also sleeps soundly and will nap on your bed (if you let her). She loves meeting people and her striking tuxedo chest and wagging tail makes her a showstopper in any crowd. Her favorite things to do are squeaking toys, excitedly sniffing new things, and leaning on her person. She crates well while we’re away and is a quick learner. Once she knew our schedule, we haven't had any accidents in the house. Kamy has lived with other dogs and and is now learning to live with cats and doing very well. We don’t know yet how she would be as an only dog. Kamy would benefit from some obedience training and will master new rules in no time. The ideal home for Kamy will have an active lifestyle, other companion pets and a family for her to love and adore.

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