Justin just turned 6 months old and is ready to find his forever home.

At three months of age, Justin was diagnosed with Megaesophagus. This is a genetic disorder that affects the esophagus and blocks food from entering the stomach. This condition is inoperable and can be fatal in many dogs. However, in some cases, puppies can outgrow it and lead normal lives.


Justin seems to be one of the lucky ones. He has been in a foster home for the last three months and is progressing extremely well. Once Justin was in foster care, he was fed with his food bowl raised and held up after feeding to allow the food to pass through to his stomach. Now he only has to have his food elevated and does not seem to need any additional help.

Justin is a typical puppy, very active and in need of constant supervision. He is still underweight, but mostly due to his high energy level and constant running and playing. He needs to find a family who has experience with puppies and a lot of patience.


Justin is about 90% potty trained and is crated during the day or when no one is home. He is very happy to go into his crate on his own, as long as there is a treat waiting for him.

He would also do well in a home with another dog or dogs that are energetic and willing to put up with a playful puppy. He currently resides with five large dogs and does very well. He has learned his place and knows which ones he can play with and which ones not to. He would not do well in a home with children under 12. When he gets excited, he jumps and nips and could hurt a young child.


Given all of his puppy traits, he is a beautiful and affectionate Greyhound. He will eventually grow up to become the typical Greyhound - a 40 mile an hour couch potato.

If you have room in your hearts and home and lots of patience, Justin would love to spend his life with you.


Justin is available for adoption through Operation Kindness, a no-kill shelter in Carrollton, Texas, 972-418-PAWS. If you are interested in meeting him or have any questions, please call Debi Joynt (Foster Mom) at 972-395-7701.

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