Juno is an untattooed, black female. She is approximately 2 years old. She is one of GALT's Thank Heaven Eleven, who were abandoned in a dog trailer in Witchita Falls in November 2011. They were taken in by the Wichita Falls shelter, and volunteers brought them to join the GALT family on November 30. She wants a family all of her own!

Juno passed her initial cat test, however, after spending more time with kitties, she changed her mind about them. Juno is not cat tolerant.

Juno - her name means Queen of Heaven and she is certainly one heavenly hound! From the beautiful triangular face to the feathery tail, she is absolutely exquisite. Juno started out a little shy, but she is so very observant. When she came to us Juno watched intently how we interacted with our own dogs to see if we were trustworthy. Over time she has become more comfortable with people and now makes eye contact and readily accepts love. She is so dainty that she often crosses her paws when sitting (which she does beautifully) or laying down. Juno loves to be part of the pack - where they go, she goes; when one leaves the house, she cries. She would love to be in a home with other dogs.

When Juno goes outside she is a different dog - full of confidence and joy; her tail waves proudly and her head is held high. Juno loves the sunshine and will find just the right spot to soak it up on her lovely black coat. The funniest thing is the BIG voice that comes out of this little dog, and she only uses it when she is outside or on a walk.

Juno has impeccable house manners and has not had any accidents. When she needs to go outside, she comes to find someone or goes to the door. She is totally content to sleep on a comfortable doggie bed or curl up on the couch in her forever home. Your patience will be greatly rewarded!

Juno's Foster Mom