July, aka WWK Cold July, is a 4-year-old brindle female born April 13, 2010. Her sire is Kiowa WW Brother and her dam is JG's Cold War. She has 129 races on record at, all at Florida tracks, starting in July 2012 and finishing up in April 2014. Come meet our very own "Miss July" soon, she's gorgeous! July was in a home for a couple of months, but had some separation anxiety as an only dog.

July should not live with cats.

While I have only had July a very short time, I can already tell you that she is already one of my favorite foster girls! She came into the house, and it was as if she had been in a home already, except she hadn't. She has not had one accident in the house. She does not counter-surf, does not want to get on the furniture, and walks great on a leash. She is like my shadow and she is never far away from me when we are in the house. She loves to gives kisses! When I return from work, she is so delighted, she bounces around and gives a lot more kisses. She is interested in toys on her own play schedule, but she doesn't destroy them. Finally, I introduced July to my three greyhounds girls, and they instantly bonded.

If you are considering a sweet greyhound, July is the girl for you. She also loves children. July would not be a candidate to be in a home with small dogs or kitties.

July's Foster Mom

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