Judge Judge

Judge, aka Judgment, is a handsome, 3½-year-old red male born June 4, 2005. His sire is Dodgem By Design, making his grand sire the late famous Gable Dodge, and his dam is Relic. Judge has 93 races to his credit starting November 26, 2006, at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, TX, moving to Dubuque in Iowa, Wonderland in Maine, and then finishing his career on December 19, 2008, at Valley Race Park.

Judge suffered some kind of incident that left the right side of his face partially paralyzed. Judge received a neurological evaluation from Dr. Julie Ducote, and the results all pointed to a deep inner ear infection, which was treated with antibiotics. Judge has now been released by Dr. Ducote, who suspects there is some permanent nerve damage from the infection. His right eye does not completely close or blink normally, so he receives artificial tears several times a day. Time will tell if this condition will improve or be a lifetime condition. Judge is not small animal or cat tolerant.


Soon after Judge came to me he was diagnosed with a severe ear infection in the ear canal. The great news is that the antibiotics have done wonders for him and he is doing great. He still has to get the eyedrops, but he has even started to blink sometimes when I put them in his eye. I have to say he has been the best boy about all that. He just stands there very patiently while I do that. I have been amazed that he has been so trusting since the first day he arrived here. One would never know he had never been in a home. He sailed in, met my greys and checked out the house and the yard, and seemed to say okay this is not so bad.

Judge gets along with my dogs fine and seems to be okay with others we meet on walks, which is his second favorite thing to do in the world, the first being food. I have never seen a greyhound so excited about a bowl of food. Maybe since he lived at the track so long that was the highlight of his day because he just bounces and can hardly stand it till that bowl is on the floor and he can dive in. And that he does.

Judge's second favorite thing is his daily walk. He is very alert and is curious about everything. Some loud noises still scare him at times and he gets a little closer to me, but all in all he just has a ball. He does not get nearly as excited as my dogs do over squirrels and birds, etc. He just enjoys being out and about.

This guy is not so interested in toys or balls. If he gets a stuffie his thing is to remove all the stuffing, so they don't have a long life span around here.

Judge does not seem to have any bad habits, he does not counter surf, but he is a little too interested in people food. I tell him no, go lay down and he walks away, while still keeping an eye out just in case.

Judge has been a very good boy and I have been amazed at how good he is having never, ever been in a home. He seems to be quite adaptable and will make a great guy to have in your home. He loves to be loved but is not pushy at all. His coat has darkened to a deeper red and shines so he is turning into a very handsome boy also.

So, come and meet his guy, you will love him.

Judge's Foster Mom
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