Josie is a cute white and fawn female born approximately April 1, 2009. Since her mom, Katie Anne, was a known stray for at least 8 months, the likelihood of Josie being a lurcher is about 99.9%! However, all the pups look similar to GALT’s previous puppies at this age.

Josie is actually a tri-colored girl: white with fawn spots and a tiny bit of black on her. She is very flashy to look at and is a doll. She loves people and dogs, but wants to be with you. She will go investigate her surroundings, but will come back frequently to you and check in. Josie was the first to crawl out of the whelping box, and the first to climb up the rungs of the x-pen and over to freedom. She is not a large as Jesse, but is gaining weight steadily. She should be a medium size similar to the other puppies. Josie is a real charmer. Like all puppies they will chew when left to their own devices. Hence, the use of x-pens and crates is invaluable. She will be a great girl to love.

Josie's Foster Mom