Josephine, aka CRY Josephine, is a beautiful 4-year-old brindle female born September 30, 2006. Her sire is Gable Oscar, making her grand sire the late famous Gable Dodge, and her dam is ICU Immediately. Josephine has no races to her credit on, which means she is companion pet bound! It is not known at this time if Josephine is small animal or cat tolerant.


Josephine is adorable! Her personality is really beginning to shine. She's an equal opportunity kisser - she'll lick both me and my two greyhounds. She is house-trained, rides nicely in the car, and does not counter-surf. The chewing fatalities of late have been limited to squeaky toys as they should be. She looks very cool when walking politely between my two greys on leash - just ask anyone who's seen us! Josephine appears to be cultivating a weight-lifting habit! She removed a small barbell from my closet to a dog bed. My two greys have not shown a tendency to work out with weights, so I think the culprit was Josephine!

Josephine's tail is always wagging. This is one reason she has run of the house right now instead of being crated - to prevent another attack of a tail injury called "happy tail". She likes to sunbathe outside, and also loves to "roach" on her back. Josephine likes to follow me around and get a good ear scratch and belly rub. She is getting along well with my other greys. Every day I am seeing a new and improved and wonderful Lady Josephine. I think while I am at work "somebody" has been sleeping on my bed...but Josephine sleeps on a dog pillow by my bed at night..with an innocent smile on her face!

Josephine's Foster Mom
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