Jetta, aka Jetta TuTu, is a handsome 6-year-old brindle male, born November 20, 1997. He finished his racing career on October 10, 2003 at the Corpus Christi track as a Grade A racer. He participated in over 97 races here in Texas as well as Multnomah in Oregon. Jetta's sire is FMC's Wake Up and his dam is Sw Molly Bea. He is a little shy and reserved. Jetta appears to be cat tolerant. He shares his foster home with a medium-size dog and another male greyhound.

Jetta was shy to begin with but has settled in very fast and now seeks attention instead of shying from it. He has the softest coat and those beautiful big eyes that make you want to be able to read his thoughts. He's really great on the leash and gets along very well with our our two other 4-legged friends. And he passed the "cat test" so is cat trainable - not sure about other small animals! His race career was long and illustrious but now he just races around with stuffies and then back to a soft spot - but only on the floor - he doesn't get on the furniture. He's also very good about being in the crate while we're gone. No question that he will make a wonderful addition to his forever home.

Jetta's Foster Family
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