Jesse is a cute black male born approximately April 1, 2009. Since his mom, Katie Anne, was a known stray for at least 8 months, the likelihood of Jesse being a lurcher is about 99.9%! However, all the pups look similar to GALT’s previous puppies at this age.

Jesse’s cat test: Jesse is just fine with cats. Very typical puppy...he just wants to play. Domino only had to give a serious meow for Jesse to back off. Later, he didn’t bother Dom at all when he was strolling through the house. When another cat, Nigel, was on the move, Jesse was allowed to follow without leash or muzzle. He was just amazed when he saw this creature jump up onto the dryer to eat. Jesse continued to sniff the cat’s backside, then turned away to look for something more interesting. When Nigel strolled under the table to lay down to escape an inquiring nose, Jesse barked at him. That trait should mellow with training and maturity.

Jesse is a well-adjusted, personable pup who is just a delight! He is overjoyed to meet people and dogs, and the world is his playground. Yesterday he amused himself chasing a butterfly around the yard, running and jumping as the butterfly flew in erratic circles. Luckily for the butterfly his aim is not very good, and no insects were harmed for his enjoyment.

Jesse is a smart puppy. He can sit for a treat or for some affection. We're trying to reinforce that by getting him to sit as he greets people, since he already knows not to jump on them. He learned to come in through the dog door with some coaching, but learned to go out on his own a few days later.

Jesse can always find ways to quietly amuse himself in the house. He'll discover a toy on the floor and chew/squeak it for quite a while; then he'll find an antler or other chew and work on that. When the big Greys sleep, he'll crash out with them, or wait patiently, chewing on a toy, until they wake and he can play some more.

Jesse seems to like all other dogs. He?s had play dates with other Greyhounds and Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and lives with a Doberman and a big shaggy dog. He will wrestle and play with all of them. Jesse especially likes running with the dogs in the yard, and is a very graceful runner. He reminds you that he IS a pup when the last few yards become a playful leap to greet his doggie friends. Jesse loves the water; he has a baby pool set up at home and also at the place where he has his play dates. Since it's been over 100 degrees here, it's a great way for a black pup to stay cool. Jesse will lay low in the water and drink it, then jump out and run around the yard, water streaming from his tail like a sprinkler. The fur on his legs dries almost immediately, but he has wavy hair on his back that stays wet a bit longer -- so a towel-dry is in order before he comes back into the house.

Since Jesse loves the water, he has been introduced to a pool and loves to swim. On a play date, he'll run to the pool and FLING himself in; swim around, paddle to the stairs, climb out and repeat. At first he was dog-paddling smoothly, but after a while he was lifting his big paws out of the water going "ker-plunk! ker-plunk!" It was not the most graceful swimming and must have taken a lot of effort, because he slept all the way home. But as we all know, a tired puppy is a good puppy.

Because he's active, the best home for him would have another animal companion and room to run and play. He'll supply the entertainment!

Jesse's Foster Mom