Jena is an approximately 9 year old small fawn female greyhound mix. She was found along with Jeff as a stray and turned into the Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society covered with ticks. Her medical evaluation revealed that she had a positive titer to Ehrlichia Canis. It was also apparent that Jena has had puppies. Her treatment was successful. Jena has been in a home and was surrendered through no fault of her own. Jena is considered cat tolerant and is living in a home with cats.

Jena is a precious old soul that deserves to live out her golden years in the perfect home for her. Jena has impeccable house manners – she is 100% house trained regarding where to potty, she is not destructive in any way, she doesn’t “counter surf”, and she is a confident girl that does fine when her foster parents leave the house (her foster parents monitor her on camera when away and she shows no sign of separation anxiety).

Her beauty lies in her soulful and knowing eyes and her glorious saluki floofs. Her floofy ears and tail are easy to groom and she enjoys the process (and grooming by her future owners is required as her feathery floof can matt easily). Most of her teeth (all but four) have been extracted so her forever family needs to commit to soaking her kibble for 15-20 minutes or feeding her beloved canned food . . . hard snacks or treats are not an option. At this point, Jena needs to gain weight, so her forever family needs to be available to feed her three meals per day.

Jena thoroughly enjoys walks and she has the most excellent leash manners. Walks should be limited to under one mile per outing. Jena has a birth defect (a flat front paw) that doesn’t seem to bother her though it does limit her endurance. A home without stairs is needed for her long-term wellbeing. Jena loves basking outdoors with her foster parents; so, apartment life without a yard is not a good fit for her.

The foster rules of no furniture and no people bed are off the table with Jena – this precious love deserves to cuddle with her forever family on the sofa and in bed at night – Jena wants to be close with her people and her new family needs to be OK with her "special" needs.

Jena’s best forever home will be with owners that spend a lot of time at home and have other respectful pack mates; Jena loves the company of other animals so should not be an only dog – small dogs and cats may fit this requirement. In her foster home, Jena has held her own fending off a rambunctious puppy, though an older calm pack would be ideal for her as she’s tiny. Jena should not live in a home that has young children or children as frequent visitors.

Jena's Adoring Foster Parents

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