Jazzman Jazzman

Jazzman is a handsome, red brindle, 8½-year-old male born November 2000, with a stunning white tuxedo chest. His racing career started July 2002 and ended April 2004 in several states. He then went on to help other canines by being a blood donor. Jazzman is ready to find his forever home, and he deserves it!

Jazzman's cat test: Jazzman showed interest in the cats and wanted to make sure he sniffed Pepper thoroughly from head to toe. He tried to do the same to Molly and she told him in no uncertain terms that she would have none of that! He did not want to back off right away, but did when she kept up her hissing and swatting at him. Jazzman then followed both cats down the hall with his ears up and tail wagging. After the cats went into another room he lost interest and went on to check out other things. Jazzman should be cat trainable. Always use precaution and a muzzle when introducing Jazzman to a cat.


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