Jasper is an approximately 2-year-old brindle male. He is not tattooed, so his age is estimated. Jasper was surrendered to Fort Worth Animal Care and Control and from there made his way to GALT. Jasper was heartworm positive, thin and recovering from bite wounds when he arrived. But now he is fully recovered, has tested negative for heartworm, and is a very beautiful boy!

Jasper had an initial cat test, which was inconclusive, but a later trial run with cats proved him to be unsafe with them. Jasper is not cat tolerant.

Jasper, also known as Jasperdoodle, is an easy foster boy. He has never lifted his leg, and doesn't chew but has been known to do just a little opportunistic counter surfing. I have a dog door and he knew how to use it right away, so he may have used one in the past - he is in and out all day and loves to romp in the yard. But he also crates easily.

He loves everyone and loves to be on you, not curled up beside you but either laying completely on you or if he is next to you, his head is on you. The old adage let sleeping dogs lie does not apply to him as he loves to be touched even sleeping and will fall to sleep when you are petting him. He is a watch dog and barks when other dogs or people are walking by.

Jasper comes to his name and likes to walk. He does a perfect sit like a regular dog. If he is lying down you can walk up to him with your arms stretched and he will motion for you to get down and lay with him.

He is very verbal and expresses himself with a talking of sorts, it sounds like someone is mumbling - he even does it in his sleep sometimes, which is very cute.

Jasper's Foster Mom