Jasmine is an 8 month old fawn and white female puppy born on July 27, 2020. Her mom is GALT's Peggy, who arrived to the GALT family only 1 week prior to the birth of her 7 pups. Jasmine is not cat or small animal tolerant.

Jasmine is an adorable fun puppy, full of love and enthusiasm. She loves to snuggle up with you and rest her head on your lap for morning pets while you have a cup of coffee. She is potty trained, and will whimper at the door when she needs to go out. She LOVES to run outside and play with her toys. A decent sized backyard where she can run freely would be ideal for her. A playmate (younger and patient greyhounds or any playful breed of dog), or older kids (maybe 10+) would be wonderful for her. She currently is fostering with a 15 year old beagle, 14 year old rescue mix, and 8 year old greyhound. The older two dogs don’t really want to play, but the two greyhounds like to chase and do zoomies together.

She is a girl who loves to chew on sticks, play with enrichment activities, (snuffle mat with treats, cardboard rolls with treats, kongs) and is very smart! Jasmine is a great fetcher, and will retrieve as long as you'll throw! She knows how to touch, sit and shake for a treat. Jasmine is a food motivated girl! Currently, she sleeps in the bedroom on a dog bed surrounded by her k-9 friends. She will whine during the night to tell you if she needs to go out to potty, and that rarely happens as long as she has a final potty before bed. Jasmine is a snuggler, a lover and a periodic seat thief. She loves to give kisses and lay with you wherever you are. She is good about going into an x-pen. She doesn't hate it but she'd rather be out with you.

Jasmine still pulls on a leash, though enjoys walking and would benefit from daily walks. She can sometimes be easily startled on walks and may pull to get away, so a harness is best so she won't hurt herself. She has shown some interest in squirrels, she chases them for entertainment factor. She will bark at the squirrel when it won’t come play with her. Honestly, Jasmine thinks every living creature should play with her.

She can be a bit of a velcro dog and may follow her favorite people from room to room. Jasmine will come with some of her favorite toys and activities to show you how good she is! Her ideal family would have another dog to keep her company when all the humans are out, and a nice backyard. Because of COVID, Jasmine has not spent much time alone. She is left unsupervised during the day while I work from home, and generally stays out of trouble. A forever home with someone who works from home, or stay at home adult, would be nice to get her acclimated. We love Jazzy and know you will too. Is your home needing this sweet girl?

Jasmine's Foster Family

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