Jasmine is a 1½-year-old black female born in January 2010. Her sire is Silver Jones and her dam is the Irish-bred Flipping Good. Jasmine was not individually registered - she skipped the racing circuit and has zoomed straight towards the adoption arena.

Jasmine is cat and small dog trainable.

Jasmine is a quiet, somewhat timid, young girl. She likes to play with squeaky toys and other dogs - she currently lives with two other greyhounds and a pug, and loves them all. When she's running around in the yard with the other dogs, she sometimes forgets that she's quiet and lets her bark come out to play!

She has good house manners and has free roam of the house. Jasmine naps a lot, like most greyhounds, and keeps us company in front of the TV at night. While she is good around my 4-year-old grandson, she prefers a quieter house. Jasmine is very affectionate, and loves to be cuddled, petted, and brushed. She likes to put her head in my lap while I love on her.

Jasmine adores her morning walks, in fact, she wakes me like a little greyhound alarm clock so I don't forget a walk! She jumps around with excitement when the leashes come out, but once on leash, she doesn't pull at all.

Jasmine's Foster Mom
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