Janet, aka Candles Janet, is a 1½-year-old brindle female born April 10, 2007. Her sire is Lonesome Cry, making her grand sire the famous Gable Dodge, and her dam is the Irish bred Candlelight Star. Janet did not follow in the footsteps of her lineage as she has no races to her credit. Instead she is focused on finding that forever home where she can lay on soft things and play with squeaky toys. Janet is a beautiful, petite girl with those striking amber eyes.

Kitties and the puppy, Janet: Janet – what a puppy. Janet was interested in seeing everything that she could. The cats were just another thing on the list of new things to check out. She was a bit more interested when they moved, but once she sniffed them she lost interest. I would say that Janet is cat trainable, but remember to always use precaution and a muzzle when introducing her to new cats. We will see how she does with small dogs later.

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