Jake Jake

Jake, aka DOX OJ Design, is a handsome brindle boy, born April 25, 2000. He and Nick are brothers, and they were raised with lots of hands-on attention. Jake is a sweet, happy boy who should be called "curious George" - he wants to know about everything and everyone! Jake went to school last November and graduated, but just wasn't fast enough to cut it at the Corpus Christi track, but is a winner in the companion pet arena!

Jake is a very lovable, playful and enjoyable 2 year old. He loves to play with the basket of stuffed animals we have and will empty it two to three times a day. Jake is very gentle when he plays with our 14-year-old Westie, and the two of them have been found playing tug of war. Jake also enjoys his walks with his older foster greyhound brother. He is a joy to have in our home and makes us laugh all the time with his curiosity.

Jake's Foster Mom
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