Isabel is estimated to be a 3 1/2 year old light fawn female greyhound mix. She was part of a cruelty seizure from Checotah, Ok in early November 2019. Isabel arrived terribly underweight as well as positive to Ehrlichia Canis at a fairly significant titer. Treatment has now been completed, and Isabel has a negative PCR for Ehrlichia Canis.

It is time for this girl to find her forever home! Isabel should not live with cats nor small dogs.

Fair warning! Isabel is addicted to tummy rubs and she takes every opportunity to get them. Walk within 5' of her and she flips over on her back, waiting, hoping, begging for you to stroke her chest and belly! She's also a toy crazy girl who quickly empties the toy basket as soon as it's filled up. She prefers her toys to be spread around the room so she can grab one of her choosing whenever she gets the urge, then she joyfully shakes it, tosses it, pounces on it, then tosses it again. Sitting in front of the window intently watching the squirrels playing in the yard is another favorite pastime.

Isabel is an incredibly happy-go-lucky greyhound. You'd never know she had a rough life before GALT rescued her from a hoarding situation where she'd been tied to a tree. All that was quickly put behind her and she's ready for her next chapter in a loving, forever home to begin. A lingering effect of her previous life is evident during storms. She seeks out the back corner of her crate, curls up in a tight ball and stares at the wall until the storm passes. Poor baby must have been outside in a lot of nasty weather and that was her coping mechanism. Isabel has separation anxiety that is well controlled with meds given before her people leave the house.

No one is a stranger to this little girl. She quickly makes friends with everyone she meets. She's full of personality and very loving. To top it off she's absolutely beautiful! "Izzybelly" wears a gorgeous pale blonde coat. Her sweet white face, bright eyes, and white markings complete the lovely package. Walks on the leash thrill her to no end. They provide a great opportunity to check out every tree along the way to see if a brave squirrel might pop into view. Car rides are a special highlight and she delights in daily zoomies in the backyard.

She has a very healthy appetite, licking her bowl spotlessly clean after each meal. She savors every morsel of food and eagerly looks forward to her evening cookies. She gets along very well with other dogs however it's not yet known if she is cat or small dog tolerant. Isabel bonds quickly and closely with her humans and would not do well as an only dog. If you're looking for a little girl with a big personality meet Isabel. You're sure to fall in love.

Isabel's Devoted Foster Parents

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