Imma, aka I’m All Up In It, is a 5.5 year old white and black female born on September 5, 2016. Her sire is KC and All and her dam is Tiger Girl. She is half-sister to GALT’s Frank, Blaze, Sammy, Demi and Bernie. Imma has 94 races listed on Greyhound Data. She is small dog tolerant but has not yet been tested with cats. Imma should live in a kid free home.

What can i say about Imma except that she is so fun to be around. This 5 year old girl loves life!! She loves to run out the dog door and run zoomies in the backyard. Then she comes in to get hugs for her efforts.

She loves playing with toys - any toys. She and my 10 year old greyhound play back and forth with the toys all the time and it's hilarious to watch. Imma has it - Daisy steals it from her when she's not looking - Imma steals it back when Daisy turns away for a second. It's just a lot of fun to watch.

Imma doesn't have any bad habits. No accidents in the house, no counter surfing. She does this cute little hop when you are ready to put her food bowl down. She learned the dog door in a day. Travels well in the back of an SUV. We don't have much experience with her walking skills, as we have a huge backyard for the dogs to run in.

I don't think she would be a good candidate as an only dog, since she seems pretty dependent on our hound and cries when she goes somewhere that Imma does not get to go with her.

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