Houdini is a young black male estimated to be 2 years old. He was found outside the Tulia Animal Shelter, as if he just walked up to say "Hello - I need help!" Houdini is a little frightened by new sights and sounds (who wouldn't be) but is a very sweet handsome boy. Houdini is currently being medically evaluated. He has not yet been cat or small animal tested.

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Houdini is a sweet boy who is very much the puppy in his energy level. He loves to play with my other dogs...bitey face and tug of war with stuffies. He sleeps well through the night on a dog bed in my room. He seems to crate well, but the most I have been gone is about 5 hours. He would much prefer to be out playing with other dog buddies or his human. In the morning he will greet me at the side of my bed with my other fur babies to let me know it is time to eat. He is a little shy, but is very good at riding in the car and will readily jump in when he knows we are going out.

Houdini's Foster Family

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