Honey is a petite fawn female with just a tinge of blue in her coat. Honey's tattoos are illegible, and it is estimated she is between 3 and 5 years old. She was found as a stray in Alvarado. Honey is a quiet, non-demanding little greyhound that fits in well with other dogs. Honey appears to be small animal and cat tolerant.

Well, we couldn't have thought of a better name for this little girl. She is as sweet as Honey… Although, Bambi would be another appropriate name for this cutie pie, as that is exactly what comes to mind when you see her.

Honey is a fawn-colored girl with a muscular small frame. She is utterly graceful, beautiful, proud, and very curios. Her eyes are lined with black. Her ear movement is spectacular and is the best indicator of the mood she is in. One up and one down is their usual position, both ears straight up is when we are curious, and ears slicked back to her head when she comes to you and wants some hugs and kisses… She really has some active ears!

She sleeps curled up like a little ball. It is amazing how tiny she can become! Her face is usually tucked away under her front paws - incredibly adorable. Makes you want to love on her… and when you do, she will stretch out and sigh in delight. She is a great sleeper and quickly found her very special bed in a corner of our bedroom. That has remained her bed since Day 1. If somebody else has the audacity to lay there when Honey wants it, she will quietly just stand there, or try to squeeze down behind the silly dog who so mistakenly selected "her" bed. It doesn't take long for the "bed thief" to figure out that they need to go... The good thing is; she does this in a very nice and polite manner. This little girl doesn't mind sharing her bed.

In the house, she is a dream. She doesn't touch anything that isn't hers. After the initial crating (which she did great and still does as she often lays in the crate with the door open); she quickly graduated to general house access just like the other dogs in the household. We have had no accidents, in or out of the crate. Actually, she will wake foster mom with a gentle nudge in the face when she needs out at night, she quickly does her business, and goes right back to bed.

It is quite obvious that she stays busy while foster mom is at work, as the entire toy box is spread out all over the house every day when I get home. Nothing makes her happier than to show what toys still squeak. She is extremely toy motivated, and you can get her going merely by picking up a toy and holding it in front of her. Nobody told Honey she is a greyhound, and two things tell us that; (1) She sniffs more than the resident scent hounds; (2) She catches and retrieves balls, toys or whatever you throw, like the best of retrieving dogs. However, there are no doubts, she is indeed a beautiful little greyhound and nothing makes her happier than to run. She does this tirelessly and will go until you stop. She beats foster mom every time. We are waiting for the "hey, I am tired, let's take a break and play more later"… Oh no, it hasn't happened yet, the humans are always the one who needs the break!

She eats well, but does not engage in counter surfing. She gently takes treats from your hand, carefully checking them out first. Baby carrots and other veggies were a bit of a challenge at first, as they tended to fall out of her mouth… strange new things to chew on. Now, we are pros at eating carrots, and anything else that comes our way. She likes to chew on rawhides, and will stay extremely focused until it is all gone.

Honey doesn't seem worried about what foster mom does, as long as she can hang out with the other dogs. Honey is a quiet dog; she hasn't made a sound, not even when the door bell rings and all the other dogs are barking up a storm. Once, while playing, she did bark, and that is the only sound that has ever come out of Honey. Although no barking, she is extremely curious. Any sound, or movement, will spark Honey's attention. This holds true while in the house or out on a walk. A doorbell on TV will instantly set her off running to the front door to check if there is somebody there…

Getting Honey from a sleeping dog to an excited, playing dog is easy. All you do is say "Honey, Honey, Honey" in an excited way, and in two seconds she will bounce up in the play position, tail wagging and oh so happy! Her happiness is such that she has to just ever so slightly "nibble, nibble, nibble" at anything that comes in her way, preferably an arm or a leg. Again, she is so gentle; all you can do is smile.

Car rides, kids, toenail cutting, baths, small dogs, big dogs - you name it, Honey will go with the flow. She is a happy greyhound and just very easy going. Honey is a great ambassador for the breed that we all love and cherish. One look at that little face, tucked away under those paws, and you know you have a winner. When she runs up to you, and leans her whole little self against you, closing her eyes while you rub her, you melt. They don't come much sweeter than this! Honey is magnificent.

Honey's Foster Mom
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