Honda Honda

Honda, aka Condo not Hondo, is a 6-year-old fawn female born June 20, 2004. Her sire is EA's Itzaboy, and her dam is Fruit Loops. Honda's racing career started February 11, 2006, at Mardi Gras racetrack in FL, and finished August 7, 2008, at Wonderland in MA. She recently arrived to GALT from a farm. This is one beautiful girl! Honda is cat tolerant, but has not yet been tested with small dogs.

Honda is a happy, happy, HAPPY girl! Her tail is always moving. If you call her name it will move a little, no matter what she is doing, but if you’re offering food, a walk, or LOVE, it starts spinning like a propeller and keeps on going! She simply cannot get enough affection from you, and will show it by pushing her nose into your hand, licking your fingers, and letting out the cutest little snorting noises. She is also a BEAUTIFUL girl with a soft velvety muzzle and the prettiest fawn color you can imagine, the color of orange blossom honey.


She came to GALT from a farm and probably never lived in a house, but her manners are very good. No counter surfing, she never gets on the sofa, and she has never had an accident in the house. She was a little shy at first and some loud noises startled her, but she quickly relaxed and is getting used to being spoiled. She loves her treats and rawhides and is starting to appreciate a good stuffie. She doesn’t chew on them much, but she likes to carry them around and rest her chin on them. She almost always brings her favorite toy, a floppy stuffed fox, to bed with her at night. She roaches while she sleeps and takes up every bit of the extra large dog bed!

She loves to follow her foster brother around, walking shoulder to shoulder with him around the house or yard. On a walk she doesn’t pull at all and does tend to hang back a little, letting big brother lead the way. She loves the yard and spends time every day sniffing into each corner, checking to make sure nothing is out of place. Sometimes she runs laps, and boy is she FAST! After a good zoom around the yard she can’t wait to get inside and get a big drink of water. Honda is the messiest drinker I have ever seen; most of the water in the bowl ends up in a puddle on the floor. I keep a towel handy to mop up after her.

She is crated during the day while I’m at work and she goes in without complaint. When I get home she perks up her ears and sits quietly until I open the crate door. As soon as she’s out her tail starts going a mile a minute! If you get down to “dog level” to pet her she does show her affection very enthusiastically, licking your ears and leaning in. She doesn’t know her own strength and can bowl you over if you’re not careful. For this reason I think she would not do well with very small children.

If you’re looking for a very happy, very affectionate, and very sweet dog, Honda is the girl for you!

Honda's Foster Mom
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