Holly, fka Dancin Hollyjoe, is a 2 year old red female born on October 22, 2019. Her sire is Dancing Dakota and her dam is Dancin Mistyday. Holly did not run any races. She is not cat tolerant.

Holly is a busy little girl who's always looking for the next fun thing to do. She loves to engage with her people in hopes they'll toss a toy for her, or give her some neck scritchies under the collar, or better yet, produce a yummy meal, or a treat! How about a tummy rub, if you're not busy?

Walks are also high on her list of fun activities. She's great on the leash and loves to sniff every blade of grass along the way. If she can find a playmate, Holly is happy to play on her own. She'll bark and throw her toys high in the air and catch them on the way down! Then she might do some air spins and mini-zoomies in the family room. (But don't worry! She's graceful, and sure footed, so she never bumps into anything.) As active as she can be, Holly does settle down well and enjoys being calm too.

A sweet little lover-girl, she thrives on one-on-one attention and craves affection from her people. When she sleeps (and she does sleep) she sleeps deeply. Except for occasionally digging through the garbage looking for treasure, she has excellent house manners. She also rides well in the car.

Holly is looking for a home with a backyard big enough for her to zoom in. She's a happy-go-lucky, pretty little red haired girl who bonds closely to her people and is happiest when they are around a lot. While she gets along well with other dogs of various sizes (no kitties please), she'll do fine as an only dog as long as her people are home most of the time. She can be vocal when left alone.

Holly's Foster Parents