Hickory, fka Barts High Five, is a 2 1/2 year old fawn male born on April 9, 2018. His sire is KC and All and his dam is Barts Cherrypie. According to Greyhound Data, he has 72 races to his credit. Hickory should not live with cats.

Hickory is a quirky fella. He loves to be with his people. He will follow us room to room. If we are in the kitchen, he will lay on the rug on the opposite side of the counter. While he does have some anxiety, he has made great strides. He is becoming more confident in the knowledge that even though we leave we will come back. He crates beautifully and we no longer crate him when we leave or at night.

He is very easy to work with. He gets his teeth brushed every night, he is fine getting his nails Dremeled, and he gets regular baths. He is a champ at all of these things. He is super excited at meal time and knows that he needs to sit calmly at his food stand to get his food. He does have a sensitive stomach and needs a good over the counter food for that.

He is perfect in the car and he loves to play in the backyard. We throw toys and he runs to get them and brings them back so we can throw them again and again. He is very smart, and of course with the smartness comes a little bit of stubbornness. He roaches regularly and is completely house-broken. We take him out regularly, though if needs to go out any other time, he will go stand at the door and if you don’t see him, he will softly whine.

Hickory is on the smaller side for males, though he is a bit stocky. And with his docked tail, it just makes him even more compact.

Hickory is too vocal for apartment life and he is not kitty friendly. He would be okay as an only dog as long as his people aren't gone for long periods of time.

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