Hickory Hickory

Hickory, aka Pin Oak Hickory, is a red fawn almost 4-year-old male, born May 1, 1999. This handsome boy's sire is FMC's Wake Up and his dam is Be's Cruisin On. Hickory and Chickadee are half brother and sister, sharing the same sire. Rosnet shows Hickory's racing career starting in Corpus Christi in September 2001 and ending in August 2002. Hickory is a sweet, very affectionate boy who is ready for his retirement couch. It has not been determined at this time if Hickory is small animal or cat tolerant.

Hickory is very inquisitive and doesn't miss a thing, loves looking out the window when kids go by and is extremely affectionate but doesn't need to be in the same room with me at all times. He likes to lean his head on my leg as we walk (so cute!). His beautiful eyes have that wonderful eyeliner look, and he's a gorgeous blonde color. He loves to sniff around the back yard and comes when called, tail wagging the whole time. Hickory is learning to play with toys, gets along with all 4 of my dogs, and has been very calm when hearing all the new noises: vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, doorbell. He's a fast learner and is perfectly content just to be a member of the family. Hickory is very easy to love, and deserves a forever home that will love him as much as he'll love them.

Hickory's Foster Mom
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